Women's Shelter

A program of Gift of Mary

Providing a faith-based haven and assistance rooted in Catholic Social Teaching through an emergency temporary shelter for women escaping domestic violence and facing homelessness in downtown Pittsburgh

Our Clients Seek Refuge

We are a landing spot for the most vulnerable women. We are a new independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit establishing a temporary shelter; women without safe shelter are at risk for further victimization, and securing reliable assistance is challenging. Many area shelters only offer beds overnight and women required to leave at daybreak. Wrap-around support is minimal if offered at all. Long waitlists often mean women are forced to stay in violent situations or risk living completely unsheltered. On average, it takes 7 attempts for a woman to leave her abuser. Gift of Mary aims to reduce this number to one. 

Gift of Mary Solutions

From December 2021-December 2022, we piloted a successful proof-of-concept shelter within Divine Mercy Parish’s Red Door Ministry and Move a Mountain Missions. We served 600+ women and made positive changes in our ministry over time as we grew more experienced. We currently plan to open in August 2023 in our beautiful new property in close proximity to in Compassion Corner in downtown Pittsburgh. 

We will:

  • Offer up to 18 women at a time 7-10 nights in a physically and emotionally safe environment 
  • Collaborate with trusted human services partners to offer options for healing and stability, including housing, employment assistance, and securing replacement identification 
  • Help each woman navigate the path to self-sufficiency
  • Welcome women from all backgrounds with dignity and respect while addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs

Anticipated Impact

  • 7,000 shelter bed nights by 2027 
  • Serving as an entry point to services offered by Catholic Charities, Divine Mercy Parish’s Red Door ministry, and future collaborators 
  • 10% reduction in number of women seeking repeated emergency care due to on-going partner violence 
  • Prioritizing this often-neglected segment of our communities