Susan Rauscher, Executive Director

Marion Ahlers, Director of Marketing and Communications

Angie Hill, Chief Development Officer

Vince Kane, Director of Human Resources

Jill Krauza, Deputy Executive Director

Noelle Taucher, Director of Finance and Controller

Rev. Kellie Wild, Director of Program Effectiveness


Marissa Barr, Regional Director-Southern Region

Laila Carlo, Administrator, St. Joseph House of Hospitality

Amy Cervone, Administrator, Challenges: Options in Aging

Amber Crowe, Regional Director, Northern Region

Kathy Echement, Director of Special Projects and Board Relations

Kathleen Emro, Director of Operations, Free Health Care Center

Dennis Gabos, Medical Director

Frank Parise, Dental Director

Eden Safar, Program Director

Bethany Young, Development and Planning Specialist