Board of Directors

Steve Blanco, President

Christopher Scoletti, Vice President

Victoria Bechtold Kush, Secretary

Gregory A. Steve, Treasurer

John M. Hagan, Nominating Chair

Colleen M. Darragh, Finance Committee Chair

Anna B. Torrance, Diocesan Liaison


Board Members

Dorothy Alke

Susan Cruz

Samuel J. Dippold

Judge Maureen Lally-Green

Paul Malone


Jonida Mince

Daniel M. Pisaniello

Joni Mangino Selep

Lauren E. Weddell


Shannon McHugh Cully – Representing the Emerging Leaders Council

Michelle Roberts, MD – Representing the Catholic Charities Free Health Care Center

Georgia Ross – Representing Challenges: Options in Aging

Neal Shipley – Representing St. Joseph House of Hospitality

Anna Torrance – Diocesan Liaison

Honorary Board of Directors

Rachel Lory Allen

Michael J. Clark

The Honorable Joy Flowers Conti

Ruth Darragh

Edward R. Friel

John D. Goetz, Esq.

John M. Hartzell, Jr.

Scott Lammie

Mary Lou McLaughlin

Paolo Montemaggi. MD

Paul Michael “Mickey” Pohl, Esq.

Mark D. Shepard, Esq.

Member’s Board

Most Reverend David A. Zubik, DD, MSEd
Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Very Reverend Lawrence A DiNardo, VG, JCL
Vicar General / General Secretary

Anna B. Torrance, Esq.
Secretary for External Affairs

Reverend Michael J. Stumpf
Allegheny County

Reverend Joseph A. Carr, MDiv
Beaver County

Reverend Nicholas J. Argentieri
Butler County

Reverend J. Francis Frazer, MDiv
Greene County

Reverend Frank D. Almade, Ph.D.
Lawrence County

Reverend Paul J. Zywan, MDiv
Washington County