Giving Tuesday

What does your #GivingTuesday donation do? Meet Allyson

Allyson met her husband about ten years ago. She thought he would give her what she had always wanted – a secure future. After dating briefly, they married. Her family didn’t hear from her again until this past summer.

The details remain hard to share, but violence became the norm. Her husband took her to Florida where he trafficked her regularly to fund his addictions. She escaped only after he died, returning home battered, ashamed and afraid. She no longer had identification, safe housing or a way to deal with her emotional and physical trauma.

Donor support meant we helped Allyson find shelter, replace necessary documents and find the counseling to move forward. Right now, she’s waiting on approval for a new apartment. And that “survivor necklace” she’s wearing? That’s her reminder that with help, she is strong and able to make positive change.

Catholic Charities works to meet basic needs and help people tackle complex challenges.

Whose life will you help change today?