Mom and baby

Roselia Pregnancy & Parenting Support Program: With Your Support, We're Ready

At times, we all need help. Today, I am urgently asking you for yours. Because of your previous generosity in supporting Catholic Charities’ Roselia Pregnancy and Parenting Program, I know you care deeply about ensuring vulnerable moms and their babies have all they need to make the best possible start in life.

Recently, we lost significant funding when the commonwealth ended its long-standing relationship with Real Alternatives, which provided critical support for this cornerstone program. Coupled with previously reduced funding from other entities, we have suffered a 50% decrease in anticipated support.

We remain committed to serving this particularly vulnerable population, but we must also now consider how best to move forward to remain ready. 

Before notification of this difficult loss, we had expanded our program budget to reflect the increased numbers of women coming to us. This year alone we have served more than 510 families in southwestern Pennsylvania through basic necessities and parental education. Currently, more than 300 women are on our waiting lists, many of whom have been referred by other groups, such as UPMC.

And who are these women? We work with:

  • moms who have had previous abortions
  • moms who are re-entering the workforce 
  • moms who grew up in the foster care system and are trying to ensure a stable home environment for their baby 
  • families attempting to increase their income 
  • first-time moms who don’t know what to expect 
  • moms fleeing domestic violence 
  • families recovering from homelessness and transitioning from a shelter into safe housing 
  • families who are having their first baby in the US 

And who are these babies? 

These are the children whose experiences right now will shape who they will be tomorrow. 

With your support we’re ready. 

Please help us serve these babies — and their moms — today before instability becomes a way of life instead of a moment in time. We believe strongly in meeting each at their point of need and working closely with them to achieve self-sustaining solutions. 

I hope you’ll make a donation today in agreement that life is more than a series of obstacles, but a gift to be cherished and fully realized in a community of care. 

Susan Rauscher,
Executive Director