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Pray with Catholic Charities

Jesus taught us to “ask, seek and knock” for all we need from our heavenly Father. At Catholic Charities, we’ve know firsthand that when we do, God responds in ways that change lives for our teams, those we serve and our supporters.

Join us as a prayer partner and help shape how we invite God into our work and serve our communities.

Our Prayer Focus

Each month, we’ll email you our prayer of focus and let you know of specific needs for our agency and those we help.

Labyrinths have long been used by the faithful as a means of drawing close to God. The many twists and turns represent the winding reality of our spiritual journeys and the lived experience of many of our clients’ daily lives.
Almighty and ever-living God, Empower Your one human family to join hands on our journey of faith. Send us Your spirit of hope, so that we may work to alleviate human suffering and foster charity and justice in our world.
Merciful Father, Guide our eyes to recognize Your suffering face in the poor and vulnerable around us. May our compassion ignite the hearts of others to serve with compassion, healing and hope, reflecting Your preferential option for the least among us.

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