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Pray with Catholic Charities

Jesus taught us to “ask, seek and knock” for all we need from our heavenly Father. At Catholic Charities, we’ve know firsthand that when we do, God responds in ways that change lives for our teams, those we serve and our supporters.

Join us as a prayer partner and help shape how we invite God into our work and serve our communities.

Our Prayer Focus

Each month, we’ll email you our prayer of focus and let you know of specific needs for our agency and those we help.

We praise you as our Creator, wondering at Your design and purpose for each of us. We confess that we rarely think about the divinity of the daily work you put before us. Additionally, we also frustrate the work of others, dismissing their efforts or denying their investment of heart and mind. Create in us a true understanding of our high calling and show us how to extend our hands to those who might not yet know their worth in You.
God of hope and mercy, we lift up to you all victims of natural disasters and those responding with assistance and aid. Protect all who are in any form of danger; provide practical help to those in need; strengthen the weary, console the grieving, heal the suffering; and bless those engaged in disaster relief efforts with safety and courage. Help all people of good will respond with compassion and generous hearts. Amen.
Thank You for bringing us to another New Year, filled with opportunities to bless others because You bless us first every morning. Let this year be one of unusual opportunity to honor and glorify You. Please equip us with Your strength, patience and energy to point the way to You and bring You joy.
Today's Reading: Luke 2:1-14
Today's Reading: Matthew 1:18-24
Today's Reading: James 5:7-10
Today's Reading: Psalm 72
O Lord, we could never have imagined the gift of a savior presented as a newborn. Moreover, it remains hard for us to recognize the gifts you’ve abundantly poured into each of us for all of us. Forgive any willful ignorance and open the eyes of our hearts to see and know Your expression of love in every person. Help us understand the importance of community and the divine roles You have given each us as we extend the hope of Christmas year-round. Amen.
Today's Reflection: Isaiah 2:2-3

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