Beaver County Baby Shower

Benefits: New and expectant mothers
Donations & Sponsorship: Support here

Beaver County Baby Shower
Friday, October 8, 2021
Location: Zoom meeting

Support new and expectant moms at Catholic Charities’ Baby Showers. Join us for a day of mobilizing the collective power and passion of women and the companies and organizations that support them.

These events are a celebration in the spirit of a traditional baby shower, and connects new and expectant parents in need to resources they can use to give their child the best possible start to life. Parents have access to maternal and early childhood health services, information on newborn nutrition, a care package of baby necessities, and more. Moms and dads also receive educational materials to help guide them on their journey into parenthood.

The Community Baby Showers are hosted by Catholic Charities, that supports those in need in our community. When you sponsor this event, you'll show your commitment to Catholic Charities' work while enjoying unique opportunities for visibility and networking.

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