Responding and Serving at the Speed of Now

Your Gift Will Be Matched

No one in crisis should have to wait for help. And when those in distress come to Catholic Charities no one has to. For more than 110 years with donor support, we’ve helped thousands of families, individuals, children and babies find the practical help and hope they need to foster lives of stability and promise.

We’re particularly grateful for the generosity of the Gismondi Family Foundation and other donors who prefer to remain anonymous. They are offering matching gifts through the end of the year for donations made to Catholic Charities. Supporter contributions will go further and help us respond to more people in distress in the New Year!

At Catholic Charities we have the benefit of more than a century of in-the-trenches experience, providing immediate care, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Each step of the way our generous supporters have walked beside us expanding hope’s reach by making it possible for us to meet basic needs, extend outreach, and offer compassionate service and loving support, answering the Gospel call to serve without cesaing.

This Christmas we need you to join us to make solutions, to bring hope, to share blessings so peace and good will can continue beyond the New Year. We may not know what 2021 will bring - but we know we are up to the challenge and with your support we can choose today how to serve and respond - at the speed of now.