Family Christmas Plan

Welcome to all of our participants in the Family Christmas Plan!  Christmas is such a joyous time we are honored to help families in the Pittsburgh region have a very special - and affordable! - holiday season.  Our Family Christmas Plan will help you to:

  • Learn about your children's christmas wishes (and make a few of your own);
  • Design a budget that will help you pay bills, make the best use of your available resources, save for Christmas, and access financial incentives;
  • Teach your children that giving can feel as wonderful as getting;
  • Create valuable family traditions;
  • Celebrate your faith; and
  • Create new memories.

Participants in the Family Christmas Plan can access additional Ho-Ho-Halo Coupons Loving Hearts applications, and our Christmas Plan Guide by clicking on the links below:

Ho-Ho-Halo Coupons

Family Christmas Planning Guide

Our 2017 Family Christmas Plan is already full, but if you would like guidance preparing for a budget-friendly Christmas, please follow the above link to the Family Christmas Planning Guide.


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