Family Christmas Plan

Set a goal related to creating a Christmas/Holiday plan that allows you to create your own family traditions and afford Christmas /Holiday for your family without taking money from basic needs like rent, utilities, etc.

Get paired with a volunteer mentor who can advise you and answer questions you may have – and cheer you on as you meet the steps in your goal.

Maximize the opportunity to share the gift of service with your children as they earn a chance to choose their gift for members of the family.

Incentives could include one or more of the following based on milestones achieved in individualized service plans:

Weekly transportation vouchers
- Gift cards to buy your holiday meals
- Gift cards toward purchasing gifts for your children
- Gift cards toward Christmas/Holiday decorations
- Matched layaway program

Sign-ups will be opening soon. Check back for more details.

This program is sponsored by The Gismondi Family Foundation



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