Sarah Arnold, Director of Organizational Effectiveness

Vince Kane, Director of Human Resources

Amy Cervone, Administrator Challenges: Options in Aging

Kathy Echement, Director of Facilities

Tom Kneier, Administrator St. Joseph House of Hospitality

Cathy Niebel, Director of Program Effectiveness

Greg Null, Director of Quality Assurance and Training

Michelle Rainey, Administrator, Catholic Charities Free Health Care Center

Susan Rauscher, Executive Director

Bethany Young, Director of Development

Kathleen Zamperini, Director of Counseling


PresidentJohn M. Hartzell, Jr.
Vice PresidentRichard C. Chesnos
SecretaryChristopher Scoletti
TreasurerKatie Larsen
Nominating Co. ChairRussell Wood

Board Members

Pauline Calabrese
Mary Eva Calland
Victoria Bechtold Kush
Michael E. McCabe
John P. Meegan
Paolo Montemaggi, MD
Dan Onorato
Helene Paharik
Christopher Scoletti
Gregory A. Steve
James Szilagy

Ex Officio

Georgia Ross
Neal Shipley
Anna B. Torrance, Esq.

Honorary Board of Directors

Rachel Lorey Allen
Michael J. CLark
The Honorable Joy Flowers Conti
Ruth Darragh
John Goetz

Scott Lammie
Mary Lou McLaughlin
Cindy Meegan
Paul Michael "Mickey" Pohl
Mark Shepard



Most Reverend David A. Zubik
Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh


Very Reverend Lawrence A. DiNardo, VG, JCL
Vicar General/General Secretary


Anna B. Torrance, Esq.
Associate General Secretary

County Representatives of the Members

Reverend Michael J. Stumpf, Allegheny County

Reverend Joseph A. Carr, Beaver County

Reverend James F. Murphy, Butler County

Reverend J. Francis Frazer, Greene County

Reverend Frank D. Almade, PhD, Lawrence County

Reverend William P. Feeney, Washington County


Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pittsburgh

212 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-456-6999

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