To Donate

At Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh we never lose sight of the fact that donor support allows us to help our brothers and sisters in distress reimagine strong futures. 

If you’ve given in the past, you made this story possible. If you’re still considering how best to invest your time, treasures and talent, please consider Sabrina’s Story of Hope an invitation to join us in providing compassion, healing and hope. 


A Story of Hope

"My children and I moved from Tennessee to Pennsylvania when their estranged father was suddenly released from jail. Fleeing in panic, we took a few days to throw everything we owned into storage and then hit the road. [But] a few weeks after his release, he found us. We spent a month at the Voice Shelter and a month at the Lawrence Country Crisis Shelter.

 During our time at the shelter, I was working with Catholic Charities to secure housing for the kids and me. [Our Catholic Charities’ caseworker] Karen worked magic to get a home inspected and approved before our time ran out at the shelter. Since moving into our new home, the support and encouragement from everyone I have encountered at Catholic Charities has continued. They have assisted with rent, resources for utilities, program referrals, and they made Christmas happen for my family last year. 

With their help, we have been in our home for almost a year. We have no delinquent bills for the first time in almost 20 years. I have a real bank account in my name, credit cards in my name, the kids are blossoming, and we can all breathe. Looking back at where we were a year ago compared to now … all I can say is wow. And maybe cry a little for a good reason."