Commemorative Givng-HOnor a loved one today


Commemorative Giving Directions

Step 1: Choose the amount you want to give. Click "Add Donation"

Step 2: On the next page, choose "where most needed" or decide if you want your gift to support a particular program.

Step 3: In the comments box please put the name and or any other important information of the person you are honoring. For example: If you want us to send a card directly to the person you are honoring please add their address and indicate the request.

Step 4: Continue to fill out the rest of the required fields.

Step 5: Click "Donate:

You should receive an email with your donation and the information you provided in the comments section. You will also receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail.

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Last year, Catholic Charities provided 441,205 Acts of Service to those in need.

Your generous gift supports our outreach to all regardless of religious affiliation, using 86 cents of every dollar for direct assistance.

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